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12.04.18  Nendo: Air Lids

Who said that in order to make a success of your grandmother's recipes, you also had to borrow her utensils? In collaboration with air conditioner manufacturer Daikin, the renowned Japanese design studio nendo creates a set of contemporary and functional culinary tools that mimic hand movements.

12.04.18  Kader Attia: Roots also grow in Concrete

"The current architecture [...] drops the palates. This is a sign of the times, "said Le Corbusier. If he saw the future in collective and affordable housing, Kader Attia made this principle a spectacular exhibition to discover the MAC VAL Vitry-sur-Seine (94). Between politics and poetry, the visual artist questions the effects of postcolonialism and the place of this culture in French history, through large suburban ensembles. Uplifting.

11.04.18  Renesa Design Architecture Interiors: The Pink Zebra

On almost 4 000 square meters, the Indian agency Renesa Architecture Design Interiors realizes the Pink Zebra, a bar / restaurant with more than typical atmosphere. A motley decor where consumption of psychotropic is useless to see life in candy pink and stripes.

11.04.18  Beckmann / N'Thépé: The Parister

At the 19 number of rue Saulnier in Paris (9e), the Beckmann / N'Thépé agency delivers a polymorphic hotel: the Parister. Do not be fooled by appearances, behind a wise Parisian façade on the street hides, on the courtyard side, a telluric edifice that contrasts with the usual island capitals of the capital.

10.04.18  Parenthesis Collective: Makein Mouchkil

On the occasion of the first Moroccan edition of the biennale of Agora architecture, focused on the "entre-deux" separating Rabat and Salé, the young French collective Parenthèse is associated with the School of Architecture of the International University of Rabat (UIR) to offer a set of wooden structures as playful as pedagogical.

09.04.18  Ana Rocha Architecture: Slim Fit

When minimalism comes to the rescue of urban densification. In Almere Poort, Ana Rocha Architecture's Slim Fit consists of a micro-residential concept that allows for the installation of a three-level house on a floor area of ​​only 16 square meters, ie two parking spaces!

06.04.18  Hibinosekkei: Nursery

If finding a place in daycare for his offspring often looks complicated, install it in a structure that would be more functional and elegant is almost impossible mission. However, the Japanese agency Hibinosekkei did it in Yokohama (Japan), in a group that accommodates both kindergarten classrooms and kindergarten taking care of young students after school.

06.04.18  AIM Architecture et URBAN MATTERS : Urban Bloom

To briefly escape the stifling atmosphere of the city without having to leave it? This is the challenge that the agencies AIM Architecture and URBAN MATTERS, which are carrying out in Shanghai (China) Urban Bloom, a fairy-tale city garden in which time seems to stop.

05.04.18  Atelier None None: The Cube

Installed at Abattoirs Museum-FRAC Occitanie Toulouse as part of the exhibition "100 possible challenges", The Cube is a work that is both simple and complex. Based on the concept of anamorphosis, the installation plays with the illusions of optics and pushes the spectators to interact with it, in order to understand the mechanism.

05.04.18  RO & AD: Pompejus

Although the city of Bergen Op Zoom (Netherlands) no longer fears attacks by invaders, it still remains surrounded by an impressive line of defense dating back to the 17th century. A series of fortresses recently restored, including the Pompejus tower, former control enclosure that now offers a wide view of the entire Barbant region.

04.04.18  Event: Georges-Henri Pingusson

Until July 2 the City of Architecture and Heritage pays tribute to the architect Georges-Henri Pingusson, "one of the last figure of the modern French movement to have been the subject of no retrospective exhibition" , as the book curator of the event, Simon Texier.

04.04.18  Jeunes talents: AJAP

Since 2001, the AJAP reward every two years the young guard of architecture and the French landscape. Their only constraint: to have realized a project or participated in a competition in France. Among the 159 files received, the jury selected 15 architects and 5 landscapers whose work will be exhibited at the 19 October at the City of Architecture and Heritage, then for two years in other emblematic places of these two disciplines.

03.04.18  Masquespacio: Student Hotel Campus

The international chain Student Hotel Campus extends to Spain its hybrid concept combining accommodation and co-working. The result: a student residence of five hundred rooms whose renovation was carried out by the Masquespacio agency, in the Marina district (Barcelona).

03.04.18  Opus 5: Abbey of Ardenne

An emblematic building of Norman heritage, the Ardenne Abbey built between the 13th and 17th centuries did not escape the bombings of the Second World War. An event that will leave the whole in ruins and lead to its major renovation, the third (and last) phase has been completed by the agency Opus 5, which develops a reception area and transforms its former stables into space of contemporary exhibition of 800 square meters.

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