18.01.18  Stine Mikkelsen: Tactile Monoliths

At the Aybar Gallery in Miami, Florida, Danish textile designer Stine Mikkelsen diverts the use of everyday objects by incorporating raw and enigmatic textures. A unique collection located on the border between decorative element and conceptual work of art.

21.12.17  Event: Karla Black

On the occasion of the 46e Autumn Festival in Paris, the dream sculptures of the Scottish visual artist Karla Black land for the first time in France. Until January 7, they will captivate two well-known Parisian institutions: the National Archives (3e) and the Beaux-Arts de Paris (6e). An ode to dreams and pastel colors.

15.12.17  Laurent Kronental: The Eyes of the Towers

If the Picasso City of Nanterre (92) fascinates and is the subject of many photographs, few have given them an innovative look. After taking an interest in the envelope of the famous Aillaud towers - called "clouds" - in his project Souvenir of a Future, Laurent Kronental captures these emblematic constructions through their windows in his new series: Eyes of the Towers.

14.12.17  Carsten Höller: Prada Miami Double Club

On the occasion of the contemporary art fair Art Basel in Miami (USA), the Belgian artist Carsten Höller imagines an original pop-up club for the Prada fashion house. A nightclub with radically different exterior and interior ambiances, reflecting the diversity of the brand's creations.

13.12.17  Event: The Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights ... 18e! For four days, the city that was the capital of Gaul has once again shone a thousand lights on the occasion of this popular event, religious origin, four centuries old. A magical journey in the heart of a city steeped in history.

12.12.17  Boa Mistura: NIERIKA

The group Boa Mistura struck again! The Spanish collective, known for ten years to give life to disadvantaged neighborhoods with brushstrokes and good humor, attacked last week at the giant Guadalajara (Mexico), the second largest city in the country. Thus, the area of ​​Colonia Infonavit Independencia is adorned with a gigantic psychedelic fresco, paying homage to the ancient tribes of the region.

05.12.17  Jeroen Peters : Spatial Interactions

If for many, the brutalist architecture evokes only an overwhelming mass, for the Dutch photographer Jeroens Peters it is quite the opposite. His series Spatial Interactions, testifies indeed his fascination for the current in a set of still more poetic and aerial clichés, which depict the constructions in an almost surreal or even abstract way.

01.12.17  Nguan: Singapore

If in Paris, winter gives us cold shades, Singapore seen by the local photographer Nguan is adorned with pastel colors all seasons. Fairytale tones found in his film series Singapore and in an eponymous book, released last summer.

29.11.17  Jasper Leonard: New York Resized

"The big apple", "the city that never sleeps" ... So many periphrases to describe the size of the American metropolis to multiple skyscrapers. Thanks to the effects of focus, the Belgian photographer Jasper Leonard is playing with this gigantism and scale reports, in a book released last November 20, New York Resized. And if, for once, you dominated the east coast of the United States?

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