16.04.18  Fokstrot: CPH-Ø1

Far from the imposing artificial islands created in the United Arab Emirates, the island designed by the Danish Fokstrot agency for the port of Copenhagen is disconcerting of simplicity: a tiny wooden pentagon uniquely decorated with a lime tree. A refined and enigmatic realization, yet full of meaning!

12.04.18  Nendo: Air Lids

Who said that in order to make a success of your grandmother's recipes, you also had to borrow her utensils? In collaboration with air conditioner manufacturer Daikin, the renowned Japanese design studio nendo creates a set of contemporary and functional culinary tools that mimic hand movements.

29.03.18  Ionna Vautrin: Factory

The silhouette of the smoke escaping from the long factory chimneys had not been so good since Pissarro. Inspired by the manufacturing landscape, the designer Ionna Vautrin imagines Factory, an original series of candles where poetry and industry meet.

29.03.18  Toggle Studio: Luminous Drapes

Overlooking the square of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center in Kuwait City, Kuwait, Studio Toggle's pavilion to host the cultural forum "The Human Capital 2018" is a light and ethereal meeting place. A modular and malleable structure that allows to adapt to each type of event - debates, workshops or conferences - that shelters the place.

15.03.18  Emmanuelle Moureaux: Color of Time

What color has the time? On the occasion of the inauguration of the Museum of Art and Design Toyama (Japan), the architect Emmanuelle Moureaux responds to this funny question by an immersive installation made of numbers in brightly colored paper. A complex work in which one gets lost, both physically and mentally.

14.03.18  Aurélien Debate: Stampville

The talented illustrator Aurélien Débat struck again! After declining his favorite subject, architecture, in multiple books for children, it comes this time with a collection of stamps proposing urban, built and landscape forms. Ink and a little imagination, and a whole city is taking shape!

09.03.18  nendo: Neyuki

With the delicacy that characterizes it, the Japanese studio nendo designs, in collaboration with the Japanese confectionery brand Flanders, mini-cheesecakes overhung with sticks whose stylized form echoes that of fir trees. In a box sprinkled with sugar, the set is reminiscent of the winter landscapes of Hokkaido Island where the candy company is based.

01.03.18  Alessandro Criscito: Enigma

The doors of the invading granny console squeak? Very little for the Chilean designer Alessandro Criscito who imagines Emigna, a piece of furniture with a traditional shape but where the usual walls are replaced by superimposed foam blocks whose interstitial spaces serve as shelves. A clever way to store ... by camouflage!

26.02.18  Jenny Nordberg : 3-5 Seconds Mirrors

Based in Malmö (Sweden), Jenny Nordberg explores the material and pushes it to its limits. Proof of this is its 3-5 Seconds Mirrors series, which features unique mirrors made in less than five seconds using chemical processes developed in the nineteenth century. A borrowing from the past for a resolutely contemporary rendering.

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